EXO (엑소) Voice Ranking

THIS IS ONLY BASED ON MY OPINION. NO FAVORITISM HERE. To tell you frankly my biases are actually at the last places. Comment your feedbacks about my ranking :D.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to EXO (엑소) Voice Ranking

  1. Restry ridha says:

    Xiumin is better than Kai. And for me, the 1st place should be Chen, second and third should be Baekhyun and D.O. This just my opinion.

  2. iSuzyLee says:

    Cool! Agreed on most but here’s how I hear it ^^ 1 Chen 2 Baekhyun 3 D.O 4 Luhan 5 Lay 6 Xiumin 7 Suho 8 Kai 9 Chanyeol 10 Tao 11 Kris 12 Sehun

  3. saida torres says:

    Chanyeol is obviously better than Tao, and that’s like a fact, he’s even better than Kai. Kai is nowhere near Lay and Xiumin vocally. And omg Chen is way better than Luhan… So for me it should be: 12 Sehun, 11 Kris, 10 Tao, 9 Kai, 8 Chanyeol, 7 Xiumin, 6 Lay, 5 Suho, 4 Luhan, 3 Baekhyun, 2 D.O and 1 Chen. I think D.O has the best voice, his tune is so enjoyable but Chen has more control, etc..so bias aside I think he’s the most talented vocal.

  4. 박혜진 says:

    I can`t degree with you.. my opinion is 1.chen 2.baekhyun 3.DO 4.luhan 5.suho 6.lay 7.xiumin 8.chanyeol 9.kai 10.tao 11.kris/sehun

  5. Rachel Chew says:

    #4 chen makes no sense…. :/

  6. Amy bbAmy says:

    sorry but chen #4 doesn’t make any sense to me.

  7. oakkar kyaw says:

    Chen is the best singer , he has a height note and pure voice 

  8. Celine Chu says:

    you shouldn’t just take their singing from the music videos. cuz when they sing live, they sound different. and for me, 1. Chen 2. Baekhyun 3. D.O. 4. Luhan (<3) my fav 5. Suho 6. Chanyeol 7. Lay 8. Xiumin 9. Tao 10.Kris

  9. jane li says:

    obviously the top ones are chen, d.o, bacon and luhan ♥ then suho,lay,xiumin, and the ones that lack a bit in vocalising are chris,tao,chanyeol,sehun,kai (but these 5 are good rappers ) ♥ thats why they make a good group.. WE ARE ONE !

  10. Fatin Syazwani says:

    No1.baekyun 2.d.o 3.chen 4.luhan 5.suho 6.xiumin 7.chanyeol 8.lay 9.kai 10. kris 11.tao 12.sehun My ranking vokal…

  11. jessica rodriguez says:

    1.CHEN 2.d.o-3. baekhyun-4. lu han 5 kai 6.lay

  12. Els Lavi says:

    I completely agree with you <3, D.O’s voice needs more recognition, his voice is so unique

  13. Van Le says:

    This is my opinion: 1. Chen 2. Baekhyun 3. D.O 4. Luhan 5. Suho 6. Lay 7. Xiumin 8. Chanyeol 9. Kai 10. Tao 11. Kris 12. Sehun

  14. Luishi Waah says:

    Vocal-wise… I think it is 1 D.O, 2 Chen, 3 BaekHyun, 4 Lay, 5 Suho, 6 Luhan.. I can’t judge the rest, haven’t heard them enough.. D.O is the only one who resonated, so I think he’s the best one.. Though Chen is pretty close to him hahahha

  15. Exo Shinee says:

    From my idea Chen,Baeckhyun and DO should be top 3

  16. iChescca says:

    Baekhyun is my bias, but I agree with D.O being number one! Yeah, Baekhyun can sing high and all, but D.O has more control over his voice.

  17. Tan Yi Xin says:

    VOICE 1. Chen (Powerful and heart-breaking for me :3 His line’s on Miracles of December……wow:’)) 2. D.O. (His voice is amazing, mellow, gentle but powerful too) 3. Baekhyun (Emotional and breath-taking……:)) 4. Lay (A cute unicorn will a sweet voice that reminds my of spring :D) 5. Suho (Actually Suho’s lines are so angelic! I hope that more will get to love him more……he’s getting too little love::>_<:: ) 6. Chanyeol (He's a perfect rapper xD My words to decribe) 7. Luhan (Such a sweet voice, I love his starting & ending at Miracles of December so much) 8. Xiumin (His voice is really nice honestly but don't think he gets much lines becuz his control on it, i know xiumin will improve more n more ^ ^) 9. Tao (He can sing! Rap & singing too, actually he has a soft voice, check out EXO-M's LUCKY) 10. Kris (Love his rapping ^ ^) 11. Sehun (Has a very unique voice but doesn't sing well as others i think becuz his voice range) 12. Kai (Sorry >_< Not used to his singing yet, its a bit……weird? No hate really, but I think of him as a perfect dancer, love his dance moves, they are no joke) VOCAL WHEN SINGING 1. Chen 2. D.O. 3. Baekhyun 4. Luhan 5. Suho 6. Lay Just my opion ^ ^ Pls listen more to EXO’s songs! They are AMAZING! Support them FOREVER :D

  18. Mixsimus Jumi says:

    for me 1. BaekHyun tied with D.o(Baek-strong, D.O-so soft and melodious. 2. Chen (For his high note) 3. Luhan- cannot hit the high note as the others but it’s soft and Superb. 5. Suho 6. Xiumin and Lay- Xiumin have to sing more lines 7. Kai 8. Sehun 9-12. Tao, Chanyeol and Kris- Their raps sounds manly..Tao’s rap is really fast.

  19. kdjkuj says:

    If this is just based on the voice, I wan to give Xiumin the first place because he has such a sexy and unique voice

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