EXO-M Yahoo Interview Part 1


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13 Responses to EXO-M Yahoo Interview Part 1

  1. ashley200165 says:


  2. Kawaii Charm says:

    They can’t speak in korea is it? and uhmm, when will exo make a mv as one whole group? I just can’t wqait.

  3. carinnify says:

    my favourite interview of exo-m, so funny!!! never knew kris was so funny!!! XD always picking on luhan

  4. 3793791 says:

    luhan <3

  5. weiigoh heartyixing says:


  6. weiigoh heartyixing says:

    luhan lolz:)

  7. Luhan201314 says:

    no  luhan

  8. tissytc says:


  9. stephy1227 says:

    I like Xiumins reaction on Luhan His voice became so cute when he speaks chinese~~~haha

  10. XUElovesSHOW says:

    omg hahah did Luhan accidentally say “wait” in korean? awwww that’s so cute!

  11. WhatOrVoice says:

    Luhan: *kiss* *hits minseok’s face*

  12. WhatOrVoice says:

    Minseok: Luhan! Luhan!

  13. WhatOrVoice says:


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