1. well i’m from usa too, and my friends and i prefer kris and chanyeol. But you know this always be different to everyone cuz all of us have our own opinions and bias ^^ <3

  2. I live in France but I’m a half Chinese then I have my Chinese friends and my family there and Lay is really popular in China with Kris and Luhan. 🙂 Sehun is after that! I’m not sure about Tao. Some really like him! If you see project for Lay’s birthday, you can see how popular he is. My cousin participated some projects there 😡 Sehun, Chanyeol and Baekhuyun are the most Korean members in China for sure 🙂

  3. Because…i didn’t have a exact knowledge about the populairty in China, and i made the firt version of this video based on the comments that are in EXO RANK…FACEBOOK, ok? ^^ But then girls started saying NO YOU HAVE CHINA WRONG!.. etc etc, So i Just correct it. Where are you from Sakura lala?

  4. lol, all of them are popular! How can you rank this? Honestly, in China, Sehun can’t be more popular than Lay. If you see how Lay fans did for his birthday. And if you have weibo, you can compare “followers”. Lay is really popular in China lol. Sehun is popular in China because they know him through Hunhan but not everyone. They have Kailu too and sometimes, Kailu is more popular than Hunhan. 🙂

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