Exotic Teak Offers Environmentally-Friendly Unique Artisan Furnishings

Canton, Texas (PRWEB) December 22, 2012

Exotic Teak is opening their doors in Canton, Texas, offering green home furnishings made from teak wood. Teak wood comes from the Indonesian island of Java where artisans take the waste parts of the woodthe roots and stumpto handcraft unique and beautiful wood furnishings. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is environmentally sustainable. Exotic Teak is working with local business marketer, Texas Biz Solutions, as they establish their business in the area.

The business is centered around the artistry of teak wood. Teak wood is popular for home furnishings because of its fine grain and texture. Native to Burma and Thailand, teak trees were taken to the Indonesian island of Java by the Dutch several hundred years ago, who cultivated plantations, which have served the worlds demands for the unique timber. Typical practice in tree plantations is to let the stump and roots rot or burn them down. However, teak wood is resistant to rotting and burning of the stumps is not environmentally sound. As such, artisans take the waste-products of these tree stumps and roots and built home furnishings from benches and dining sets to planters and picture frames. The result is a process that is environmentally sound by providing the Indonesian Teak farmers with a more progressive and structured reforestation program and allowing artisans to use the wood remains for commerce.

Exotic Teak business partners, Christian Carter and John Weathers are excited to bring some of these unique Teak wood home furnishings to Texas. Weathers has over 30 years of experience in the furniture business, while Carter adds his energy and drive to help this business thrive. Together, they share a passion in providing green furnishings that are uniquely crafted.

Teak wood furnishings is really a cottage industry passed on through the generations by families, according to Carter. As such, each piece is uniquely hand crafted. In addition, customers can take satisfaction that theyre supporting green efforts in protecting the environment through their purchases.

Exotic Teak is now also offering recycled and reclaimed boat and barn wood furniture made from old Teak, Suar and Mahogany woods. To learn more about Exotic Teaks and unique home furnishings, visit their website at http://www.exoticteaks.com.

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