Experience Advertising, Inc. Launches Website Retargeting Service Utilizing AdRoll, Perfect Audience, Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter Custom Audiences

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) June 13, 2014

Experience Advertising, Inc., a leading digital marketing agency, has launched a new digital agency service for website visitor retargeting management utilizing retargeting platforms including: AdRoll, Google Adwords, Facebook Website Retargeting, Facebook Custom Audiences, Twitter Custom Audiences, and newer retargeting firm Perfect Audience. Experience Advertising provides online marketing and social media management services for companies of all sizes.

Experience Advertising, Inc. continues to lead the way in the digital marketing arena by rolling out website retargeting management services for retail websites, e-commerce companies, and B-to-B lead generation firms. Evan Weber, CEO of Experience Advertising stated, “Retargeting website visitors after they leave the website is the hottest thing in digital advertising because it works so well. Also known as remarketing, it consists of running display ads to non-buying website visitors when they leave the website and then surf the web and go on Facebook. These campaigns have some of the best ROI of any online marketing campaigns you can run due to the highly targeted nature of the ads and the relatively low cost associated with running them.”

Experience Advertising uses advertising platforms like AdRoll, Perfect Audience, Facebook Custom Audiences, Twitter Custom Audiences, and Google Adwords to run retargeting campaigns for their clients. Weber states, Adroll is great for retargeting website visitors that dont complete the purchase when visiting the website. You can also retarget customers to buy additional products separately. We use Perfect Audience to target email openers when they surf the web and go on Facebook, this is a great customer retention strategy. Facebook and Twitter Custom Audiences are also great for customer retention and loyalty. Google AdWords retargeting has some of the widest online distribution, so its essential as well. Running these types of remarketing campaigns have become #1 on my list of recommended online advertising campaigns. At my agency, we stay on the cutting-edge of the retargeting industry so our clients can benefit from it.

Experience Advertising, Inc. provides multi-channel online marketing and social media management services including:

Digital Marketing Consulting – working with in-house teams
Social Media Consulting – working with in-house teams
Google AdWords and Bing Ads – Pay-per-click Search Engine Management (SEM)
Content and Online PR – SEO strategy and development
Affiliate Marketing Management – growing online referral partners
Social Media Management – creating engagement and interaction socially
Facebook Advertising Management – effectively leveraging Facebook ads
Twitter Advertising Management – effectively leveraging Twitter ads
Web and Facebook Retargeting Ads – marketing to website visitors and previous customers
Website Conversion Rate Optimization – improving click-to-sale ratio of websites
Customer Loyalty Programs – increasing customer referrals and incremental revenue
Social Sweepstakes and Contests – launching exciting promotions that go viral
Email Newsletter Design and Deployment – high-end HTML email
Graphic Design – web and print graphical design
Website Design – for businesses and ecommerce companies
Programming – web development for online advertising

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency for website retargeting management, visit Experience Advertising for more information.

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