Expert driving offences barristers are now accessible to the public – thanks to Stobart Barristers

(PRWEB UK) 5 December 2012

Motorists charged with driving offences during the upcoming nationwide Christmas crackdown have a better chance than ever of retaining their driving licences.

Ordinary drivers charged with drink driving or speeding this festive season will have direct access to expert driving offences barristers of the kind normally reserved for celebrities and the wealthy.

Many celebrities have beaten driving convictions in high-profile cases after instructing expert legal representation. Thanks to Stobart Barristers direct access scheme, members of the public who feel they have been harshly charged have the chance do the same.

Almost a third of UK barristers have applied to work direct with clients through transport giant Stobarts legal arm, cutting solicitors from the process and, in doing so, making expert driving offences barristers more affordable to ordinary drivers.

Stobart Group Legal Director Trevor Howarth was one of the first legal professionals to launch a dedicated, online motoring offences service back in 2005 and he believes bringing barristers and QCs within reach of all drivers is the next logical step in the evolution of driving offences defence.

He said, When it comes to driving offences, people need the best possible advice and that means advice from a barrister.

It may not necessarily be the advice they want to hear, but theres no point in stringing people along. The point is that the driving offences barristers on our panel are experts in their field. Theyve been defending driving offences in court for years.

Theyre specialists. Right from the outset, they can give a credible prognosis for any case. From there, the person facing the charge knows whether they have a chance of beating it. That has never happened before because traditionally solicitors got hold of cases first and could have run with them for months before a barrister got a look.

Now, for the first time, people can go direct to an expert. And by cutting out the solicitor and their bills its actually likely people will make a substantial saving.

With many people dependent on their driving licenses for work and family life, getting charged with a driving offence at Christmas could prove disastrous. That, says Mr Howarth, is why Stobart Barristers should be the first port of call.

I always use a medical analogy to explain it, he said. If youve got a stomach problem you want to go to a digestive system expert, not an orthopaedic surgeon.

From a legal perspective, our service is sending people not just to a general practitioner, but to an expert in the field.

After all, there are 12,500 barristers in the country, and not all of them appear in crown court; not all of them handle driving offences. Stobart Barristers makes sure you see the right expert. Thats what makes our service unique.

Stobart Barristers is a subsidiary of the Stobart Group and was launched in May 2012.

Stobart Group, under Group Legal Director Trevor Howarth, began instructing barristers directly in 2008 and made significant savings on its legal bills. The service was rolled out the general public as a result.

Direct Public Access legislation was passed in 2004, allowing the public direct access to instruct a barrister without the aid of a solicitor. Despite this, the legislation is not well known. Populous Omnibus research has shown only 14% of UK adults are aware of it and only 22% say they would know how to engage a barrister without going first to a solicitor.

Stobart Barristers panel contains barristers and QCs from every field of the law, each of whom is willing to give an expert opinion at an agreed-up-front, fixed price within 7 days.

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