Expert Gives Yourwellness Magazine Reasons for Expanding Global Waistline

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 8 April 2013

In the UK, 61.3% of adults are obese or overweight. For nutritionist Fiona Kirk, author of widely successful So What the F*** Should I Eat? and new eBook version Eat, Live & Lose the Flab, this has led to surge in new research and fad diets, which tend to add more confusion than clarity for those who want to do something about their weight.

She explained to Yourwellness Magazine, a number of interesting theories are being researched and investigated that may hold the key to reducing waistlines in time. But what does this mean for dieters? More confusion, more pressure to include foods in your diet that you cant stomach, more stress and, more often than not, more expense its a minefield! I dont have all the answers but Im working on it and my aim is always the same; to cut through the confusion, not add to it.

Fiona also addressed the reasons why global waistlines are continuing to expand:


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