Explorations in Public Relations: What is PR?

Indiana University Master’s in Public Relations in Indianapolis professors Bob Dittmer and Julie Vincent, both APRs, address the definition of PR, the types …

5 thoughts on “Explorations in Public Relations: What is PR?

  1. public relations is a wonderful skill, but all these men do is get used as puppets to control our society with their fake media bullshit. And I’m sure I UNDERSTAND what you do, why must you keep this lie going and be proud of it, I dont blame you though, all the children of around are blind and don’t notice how our planet is dying because of the media, our poor animals, our poor trees, why dont they show propaganda to help us see that we need to help our planet. Its sad because no one listens, You see a comment like this and you quickly assume im a conspiracist or just some crazy guy, ITS SAD really, you guys should listen from us, instead of the media we are the average joes like everyone around, we arent rich or famous why dont you listen to me, instead of some rich or famous person, WHAT makes you think that they are the correct ones if what they are doing is bad to our surroudings, Everyone, watch the movie , The lorax, this movie truly made me realize that we must not let us reach that point in life, dont let the planet become some treeless, lifeless being with machines surrounding the poor children of earth like a prison. DONT LET THIS DAY COME PLEASE, speak up!!!!!!!!!! we must get rid of power and money to take all that focus away from our eyes all those jobs people working killing themselves, LET THE PEOPLE BE FREEE AND HELP THE WORLD, we are a big family and not a bunch of religions or ethnicity or any other sort of seperation thoughts of human beings we are all made of flesh bones and organs we deserve to be treated equal, DR, SEUSS — “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ,now please people I hope these inspirational words got you to open up your eye a bit and realize that we must spread the word, dont be convinced by these men with power who have money or are famous or are “leaders of this country” listen to your people out here in the streets who have children and live the average life like you. PLEASE PEOPLE

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