Explore Microsoft Windows 8

Explore Microsoft Windows 8
Event on 2013-01-30 09:00:00

There's a new Windows Operating System on the block! It's called Windows 8, and it promises to change how your nonprofit does its work.

Not only does it have a host a of new eye-catching features, including touch-screen compatibility, the switch to Windows 8 means that Microsoft will be discontinuing support of some older versions of Windows — possibly ones you're currently using. Some of the applications that you're using, like Quickbooks, may need to be upgraded as you transition to Windows 8 as well.

At this event you'll be able to see a demo of Windows 8 with all its flash and touchability, and you'll get to discuss with tech experts from Success Computer Consulting some of the implications of the transition to a new operating system.

Come be wowed by the rich new user interface (called “Metro”), the great new features, and the cool hardware that Windows 8 will support…and start learning how Windows 8 will change how you work.

Speaker: Adam Burton, technical project engineer, Success Computer Consulting

Meet our speaker:

Adam Burton joined the SCC team in 2012. He brings a wealth of experience to the professional services team. He has already logged nine years of experience in the IT industry, much of that working for a medical device company. Prior to that, he attended the University of Minnesota for four years, with a concentration in computer science and a minor in marketing strategy.

Photo CC Dell's Official Flickr Page

at MAP Techworks workshop held in MCN Conference Room
2314 University Ave. W, Suite 20
Saint Paul, United States

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