Explore Talent Starts Brand New Member Video Search

Dayton, Ohio (PRWEB) February 16, 2013

ExploreTalent.com starts a new service, Member Video Search. This new search allows individuals to find ExploreTalent’s complete stock of videos that have been uploaded by ExploreTalent members showcasing their talent, interests and backgrounds. Whether it be a comedy sketch, a music video, a dance routine or even a dramatic reading, this service allows anyone to see who ET members are and what talent they have up their sleeve. Not only does this help members find other individuals for collaboration on new projects, but it also allows casting directors, agents and entertainment industry sources to find talent. For example, if there is a project where there are hair models needed, casting directors can search member videos to find their perfect model.

Currently, there is a total of 44,242 member videos posted online, with members showing off their traits, assets, talents, and tricks of the trade.

“We are so excited to announce our member video search,” said Daniel Jackson, Senior Marketing Director for Explore Talent. “We love having our members being able to upload their own videos, and then having others view those videos for upcoming projects and collaborations.”

Explore Talent is a professional site that connects actors, models, singers and dancers with jobs in the United States. The online community has been responsible for new collaborations and business ventures in entertainment to help people become famous. Explore Talent also helps aspiring entertainment professionals further their careers with contests that showcase their profiles to members of the social media community. For example, by entering a contest, a teen can get his or her photo picked up by a modeling agent. Furthermore, the Explore Talent site features celebrity videos, exclusive interviews with actors, actresses, and musicians, such as Joan Rivers, Usher, Akon and T-Pain.

Anyone can create a profile on Explore Talent where they can upload their photos, videos, songs, etc., to show off their talent in the hopes of landing gigs, such as auditions and casting calls, in entertainment. Explore Talent’s proprietary software and vast infrastructure is the most advanced entertainment-based technology of its kind. The site’s popularity is based on the fact that there are many ways for talent to network, make friends and connect with other industry players, participate in wide variety of contests and earn prizes for being active on the site. The easy access to a pool of over seven million members attracts industry players who are posting every month about 50,000 new auditions and job openings, which is 30 times more than any other site.

For more information, visit http://www.exploretalent.com.

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