Explore the ocean with Google Maps

Google Maps strives to provide people around the globe with the most comprehensive, accurate and usable map of the world – including the underwater world. Th…

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25 Responses to Explore the ocean with Google Maps

  1. sajid khan says:


  2. Teo Boon Chin says:

    CAn we use it now? lol tat awesome

  3. mark street says:

    I like….

  4. MegaParker1991 says:

    how do u go in the water

  5. 444ranger444 says:

    i saw you on memecenter!

  6. dubcars101 says:

    If you type in “52.376552,5.198303” on google earth, you’ll see a guy dumping a body into a lake….

  7. AlvaroMadness says:

    Google, how about you change the name ‘Google STREET View’ to just ‘Google View’?

  8. ThePeanutMaster1 says:

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  9. hamzahamza611 says:


  10. DK THEMAN says:

    This will be really useful when Apple Maps drives you into the ocen

  11. Jurgen De Roover says:

    yeah, i know alot of people who think it is fake. i know one thing for sure, even my friend also earning well monthly doing surveys and reading mails daily. if you wanna try just try now: bit.ly/10wuzKE?=pyybc

  12. sunshine sun says:

    i like this

  13. Gisely Felipp says:

    muito legal… 

  14. TheSagitis says:

    and thus they found the treasure map hidden by the infamous pirate captain kidd !

  15. Connie Kwan says:

    This is amazing!

  16. D4ddyF4tS4ck1 says:

    So….. Unoriginal.

  17. inSan3TiGer says:

    This will be useful for when apple maps drives us into the ocean

  18. Jerry Mouse says:

    почему рыбам и черепахам не замазали лица? гугл не уважает личную жизнь рыб? XD

  19. Cathy Chaney says:

    Love it

  20. Lewis Shaw says:


  21. NoodlesNaruto says:

    Facebook xD

  22. DanielJohnsonVideos says:

    You saw the picture too

  23. JaytFreshBeat says:

    Who else came here from Facebook?

  24. Maddy10766 says:

    Stop stealing comments for likes.

  25. ThePeanutMaster1 says:

    Well, I hope you’re ashamed of yourself for this blatant plagiarism. Lawyer up, because I’m throwing the book at you for this. For shame.

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