Explore Treasure Mode with Google Maps

Start the hunt: http://goo.gl/pB4gm In September 2012 our team discovered a paper map that has been verified as Captain Kidd’s treasure map. However, we have…

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15 Responses to Explore Treasure Mode with Google Maps

  1. charlie garnica says:

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  2. Yasmin Eve-Townsend says:

    i thought it migh have been real until i saw the heat one and saw the date

  3. leveltwognome says:

    you are a genius. j/k!

  4. Belka7788 says:


  5. Belka7788 says:

    That is so coooolll!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Luke Myers says:

    google maps would get sued for many deaths if they mad this

  7. RakeAnimation says:

    april fools

  8. MrJailbreakGuide Apple says:

    Lažno je

  9. Dragan Spasic says:


  10. BlueMewGaming says:

    What some people don’t know that this was “real” at a moment

  11. mollie Lerner says:

    that would be a fun game kinda

  12. shadowbo-y wil-d says:

    lol what if pirates used this :3

  13. jamal jadoon says:

    Read the descrption it says april fools

  14. Syiraz Asyraf says:

    This is..so dangerous

  15. akhilesh pandey says:

    biggest prank engine.. our loving google search engine..:)

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