13 Replies to “Explorer Story: Patrick Jackson [through Google Glass]”

  1. Meet +Patrick Jackson. He’s an Explorer, developer and firefighter from Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Patrick is building Glassware that he hopes could one day help firefighters everywhere by providing hands-free access to the information they need, when they need it. Join him as he tests his Glassware in the field. 

  2. What I would LOVE is for the PASS devices to be intergrated with that floorplan display, and show me where my team is at all times, especially when they stop moving.

  3. Amazing project! I’d imagine that a fire-spec’ed version of Glass would be even better (ruggedized and adapted for wearing with a BA, temperature readout with flashover alert, infra red vision, etc.).

  4. The guys who made this video did an awesome job and shows what I am doing and plan to do with Glass. Pleasure working with Google and Decon to put this together. This is just the beginning for this type of tech!

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