Explosions at the Boston Marathon

Watch the aftermath of the explosions that rocked Boylston Street during the Boston Marathon. Video by Steve Silva.
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18 Responses to Explosions at the Boston Marathon

  1. Everythingguy180 says:

    That’s horrible.

  2. William D says:

    No fuck you and all the people who have the same mentality as you, you ignorant incompetent little fool; you automatically think that all Islams want to see people suffer, well fuck you.

  3. Mark Miller says:

    Allah is dead get over it.

  4. Maya Boo says:

    But Osama BinLaden is dead though.

  5. Kv8jix says:

    Those who kill for Allah are true Muslims. Those who don’t are fake ones according to jihad founder muHAMmad. Thank God there’s a lot of fake Muslims

  6. Shehad Ali says:

    wanna know why everyone hates you Americans? because you barge into our countries, steal our shit by acting like you’re tryna take care of us. you kill our people, occupy our land, and then you tell minorities “crazy people” to get out of your country. want to get out of mine first? then you sit there making ignorant comments on YouTube acting like you know shit that’s going on in the world , when in reality you’re not because you’re all brainwashed by the lies of your made up media.

  7. TurdFerguson360 says:

    Neo-Nazi’s are fags.

  8. Preston Smith says:

    sorry about boston worst thing ive seen sence born

  9. j roybal says:

    You know what scares ME! The young people of this Great Nation loseing their HOPE’S and,Their Dreams for them selves. In America you can become anything you want. LOVE America Stand up for her! You don’t have to use bullets use Compassion,and thought fullness for others.

  10. BethGreeene says:

    Osama must be gay

  11. RidRave says:

    Maybe the bomb is timed or maybe its a remotely controlled bomb either way the bomb explosion is too small for a terrorist attack.First they (The Government) create Chaos, then they propose the solution, Order, secretly from behind the scenes to control a given situation. In the end it is all their doings……… We are at war, a psychological Warfare

  12. cinemascene says:

    ATTN Yanks: Canada and Australia are as free and a safer society than the currently messed-up (once great) country called USA. pple hate America because you pple voted for screwed-up leaders (Bush, Obama, etc), who represent YOU, but yet they are at the beck-and call of greedy Wall street bankers and Oil tycoons.

  13. tommygirl20247 says:

    atleast Canada doent kill innocent people and steal other countries resources whilst pretending to be freedom fighters

  14. HotTubOfSexy says:

    see your not gonna do anything fag, and take your neo-nazi flag around the streets and see how many others will fight you pussy

  15. abdullah rashani says:

    Yes there is, we create it every day

  16. shock754 says:

    coming from a Canadian… A carbon copy of America. I don’t always agree with my government’s policies but when my fellow citizens are maimed and killed by terrorists I would hope Canadians would feel sympathy. I would lay down my life if Canada was attacked.

  17. RathMadara says:

    dude what the hell is wrong with you people die because of this. This really isn’t a joke. how about you go watch youtube that have funny tags.

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