Extra Dimensions – Science Talk w/Frederik (due to popular demand)

Live now with Frederik talking science and dimensions and time travel and shit. Taking questions! www.AtheneLive.com Frederik’s channel: www.youtube.com music by Professor Kliq www.ProfessorKliq.com track Satellite 2 (AToE soundtrack)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Extra Dimensions – Science Talk w/Frederik (due to popular demand)

  1. MrFloW104 says:

    if a 1 hits a 1, a 3rd value wont appear just because the 1 & 1 had a collision. Also, that’s not a shitload of math. :)

  2. CodeZork says:

    Its just a theory…

  3. The911Nerd says:

    Every time I come back to this video, I re-watch it like four times. I’m on my third time currently. EVERY TIME. It’s so glorious.

  4. MrBuzzin14 says:

    yeah! do ones on evolution and aliens and other cool stoof like time travel idk XD but there some good ideas!

  5. EmoKidNotReally says:

    you dumbass; look up the large hadron collider; he doesnt need to present evidence; this isnt new

  6. EmoKidNotReally says:

    i know right he just puts this on regular uploads

  7. NexTsTovas says:

    New evoliution in thumb up’s. Less whore-ish. >>Thumb him up!

  8. NexTsTovas says:

    This is amazing… Now I’m so dissapointed by myself , that I was (am) trading school time into walks at the morning time, trying to comfort myself…

  9. Richard Moore says:

    i have awesome interesting playlist

  10. NironicGaming says:

    100% easyir way fast takes 2 min done gets 1 million in no time /watch?v=hNSAo2plj34&feature=p­lcp

  11. lronSausage says:

    this guy looks like the crazy batman killer

  12. Digestivee says:

    Do you expect physics that people study for 5years+ to even understand is explainable in a video that is 6 minutes and 11 seconds?

  13. xknowledgeisfreex says:

    I don’t believe that dark matter comes from a parallel universe, but cool story bro.

  14. arekdbz3 says:

    Oh, no… I was sure that only me thought that dark matter is just matter from another universe… Such a disappointment.

  15. TeronEtrius says:

    Before watching this vid I didn’t like Athene that much, but by having this guy on explaing M-theory in such a manner, thumbs up from me.

  16. DevillkRazz says:

    so something is touching my ass right now ?

  17. IMThEGoD100 says:

    He just doubled my IQ

  18. adamih96 says:

    Minecraft EE 😀 Thats why! 

  19. 777firefalcon says:

    The math behind these kind of things is so complicated your brain would literally explode if he were to try and explain it in the length of a youtube video.

  20. AcherusLoL says:

    hey please check my channel!! TTTT! I have some League of Legends stuff pwning nabz:D

  21. blixensd says:

    The evidence have already been established, not through this video, but through other theories. No reason to go into depht with common knowledge. Now he is just explaining the connection with energy and particles throughout the universe.

  22. chvyant says:

    Go back to your cave, cavemaaan.

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