Eyepartner Chosen as the Preferred Broadcasting Platform for Florida Keys Reel Adventures

Marathon, FL (PRWEB) November 06, 2014

When USGC Master Captain Kevin Johnsen left his dead end job to pursue happiness in the liquid paradise of the Florida Keys, his goal was to start offer custom charter trips to locals and tourists alike. He found a mentor who, despite his experience and skill, found business to be slow because of the oversaturation of competitors in the area. He told Kevin that the charter captains with great websites were getting the ones getting all the business. So when he started Florida Keys Reel Adventures, he decided that there wasnt anything more important than [his] website.

For me, says Kevin, I believed [my website] would determine if my start up business would succeed or fail. So when he began searching for a professional software company, he discovered that the market was just as saturated as his own. He says that many of the cost effective options he found were overseas, but having dealt with outsourced customer support in the past, he said he wanted somebody I could understand and somebody that could understand me.

And thats when he found Eyepartner, a local Marathon-based live streaming and broadcasting company that was perfect for his needs. Through their TikiLIVE platform, Kevin says that the communication and first rate development of the Eyepartner team took my simple idea to the next level with a cutting edge website that outperforms anybody on the market.

Broadcasters who sign up for TikiLIVE get a customized WordPress website. Kevin says, The WordPress platform is common sense, easy to use, and I find it rewarding to build into a progressively evolving powerhouse that outclasses my competition. Eyepartner continues to provide support for Florida Keys Reel Adventures.

In addition to the website, TikiLIVE users can also stream live or pre-recorded video content, which Kevin uses on his website to showcase some of the sporting adventures he has chartered. My potential customers see what they can do, book the trips, and keep up with what other people did on my charter each day.

I have never invested any money into advertising of any kind, says Kevin, but now Im easy to find online, my site sells trips better than I could and I now run more trips than guys that have done this for generations. Honestly, none of this would be possible if I didnt know how to build my content or navigate my back office.

In just a little over a year, Florida Keys Reel Adventures achieved a #1 ranking on TripAdvisor, which Kevin says is thanks to the social media and SEO tools that have been built into his website. Eyepartner even developed a new responsive WordPress theme for the Florida Keys Reel Adventures website, which means people can easily view his sites content on any device including mobile phones and tablets.

Can I do this? was the first question Kevin asked himself. The answer, he says, was Eyepartners TikiLIVE platform.

Eyepartner is a software development and hosting company that creates rich media enterprise broadcasting software for non-technical broadcasters, producers and progressive entrepreneurs. The TikiLIVE platform allows everyday people to stream live HD video and audio as well as Video on Demand content that can be broadcast to set top boxes, mobile devices, and websites and embedded on popular CMS platforms like WordPress and social platforms like Facebook.


For more information about Eyepartners high definition broadcasting solutions, please contact Loretta McCarty by calling (305) 289-4557 or emailing Loretta(at)eyepartner(dot)com.

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