eZanga Releases New InText Plug-in for WordPress

Middletown, DE (PRWEB) April 14, 2015

eZanga, a digital marketing company focused in online advertising and publishing services, has released a new InText advertising plugin for WordPress. Simply called eZanga InText, the extension automatically connects to eZangas network and places in-text advertisements on your blog or website.

An award winning digital marketing company and advertising network, eZanga is committed to helping publishers maximize the value of their inventory, and assisting advertisers in optimizing campaigns. Using eZanga InText instantaneously links WordPress sites to eZangas ad network, allowing advertisers to send text-based ads to the connected sites.

Unlike similar plugins which can take more than five minutes to spider a page after it posts, eZanga InText provides real-time results, immediately crawling through to find the right keywords and notify advertisers who may be interested in purchasing inventory. Because of this, the publisher benefits from faster monetization, and the advertiser is connected to lesser-known, niche publications with targeted audiences.

No matter how often you post, eZangas InText will stay up to date with you. said Joe Rodichok, eZangas senior IT manager. eZangas InText product finds what most relevant on your page the moment a visitor lands there, allowing them to see advertisements that match what they are looking for.

Another differentiating feature that makes eZanga InText unique from competitive plugins is its customizability. Whereas other in-text advertising solutions choose where ads are placed on your pages, and how many there are, eZanga InText allows WordPress publishers to decide the number of ads that show up and where they go. If they dont want ads in their comment threads, or only want them in a specific article, the plugin gives them the power to make it happen.

This level of customization enables WordPress publishers to monetize their pages in a way that is less obtrusive to the reader. On top of letting publishers choose where ads go, eZanga InText also offers a variety of different colors for text-based advertisements, and dynamically inserts an image next to the advertisement to enhance the ad. No knowledge of any computer language is required to operate eZanga InText; its all set up and easy for anyone to use.

With more and more rich content being published by WordPress users, we felt it was important for us to allow them to connect to our clients and earn money for their hard work, said Rich Kahn, owner and CEO of eZanga. With our eZanga InText WordPress plugin, publishers can easily monetize their traffic and earn revenue for their hard work without disrupting the user experience.

eZanga InText is currently available for download from the WordPress website. Once installed, users must create an account with eZangas publisher platform, Traffic Advisors Infinity, in order for the plugin to begin setting up text-based advertisements on their sites. From there, they can start customizing ads, or simply sit back and watch the money roll in.

About eZanga.com

eZanga is a digital marketing company that helps companies grow their business through multiple advertising solutions, including pay per click and cost per call. Since their launch in 2003, eZanga has grown from a tiny tech startup to an award-winning small business. eZanga has been on the Inc. 500|5000 list for five consecutive years and has been recognized as one of Philadelphia’s fastest growing companies by Philly100, Deloitte and SmartCEO Magazine.

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