FACEBOOK 1.0 Make $$$ For Your Business Using Facebook Starting Today – Portage

FACEBOOK 1.0 Make $ $ $ For Your Business Using Facebook Starting Today – Portage
Event on 2013-06-25 09:00:00
Your Prospects and Customers Eyeballs are on Facebook, Does Your Business have a Working Fanpage?
If You are Not Making Sales and Profits from Facebook….then This Intensive Full Day Workshop is For You!

This workshop is not theory, not some fancy ideas that get you charged up and then scratching your head wondering what to do when it is over. We are actually going to build it all together on this day and you will leave with a Facebook fanpage for your business plus a weeks worth of engaging posts to reach your audience and have them interact with you!


We have limited time and will be moving quickly: if you have no facebook page, no advertising skills, no programing ability but having a burning desire to grow your sales and profits using this huge untapped local marketing avenue then this is for you!

Here is our promise, if you are not happy with the workshop by noon you can leave with a Full Refund! You can't lose!

If you Can……

Bring Your Laptop and Your Thinking Cap and an Open Mind….

You will leave with a:

  1. A Personal Facebook Profile Page(you need this to enjoy the benefits of a fully functioning business fanpage, although no one on your business will see your personal page AT ALL, so you can relax)
  2. A Working Facebook Fanpage For Your Business  (including full set up of profile picture, cover photo, about section, vanity url, set up permissions and more)
  3. A Posting Schedule (we will pre program a weeks worth of posts today so you won't have to worry about what should I post today feeling and give you a copy of the template)
  4. A How To Make FACEBOOK Make You Money Knowledge session using promoted posts and other methods.
  • We'll  Cover All The Following in this Full Day Workshop… The pros and cons of using Facebook – including pitfalls to watch out for.
  • A 5-step plan for success – Every Facebook campaign should begin with a good plan!
  • Tips for engaging your customers – so you don't feel like you're facing an empty auditorium.
  • Details that must not be overlooked – in both your personal and business profiles.
  • Critical SEO tips – because even Facebook relies on Google for traffic!

Once we've covered the basics of setting up your profiles and getting some search engine love, we'll move on to more complex topics, like…

  • How to get more "likes" – including the number one reason people click that button!
  • How to position your business page for maximum exposure – this relatively new Facebook feature can mean all the difference for a local business.
  • How to use Facebook's own PPC network – If you've shied away from PPC before you won't want to miss this – it's easy and affordable!
  • Ideas for creating a page customers will WANT to like – do just one of these things and you'll see an increase in engagement almost immediately.
  • 5 ways to build interaction – because the whole point is to engage your customers, and you can't do that on a static page.
  • How contests can easily increase your "likes" – and the number one thing you must do before hosting one.
  • The scoop about apps – why you need them, and why they're not as complicated as you think!
  • Facebook video options – and why making the wrong choice here can negatively impact your page.
  • 3 proven ideas you can use in your own videos to attract and engage more customers.

Finally, we'll take a look at what's really important when it comes to using Facebook as a marketing tool in your business: making more sales:

  • 5 "must do" tasks – because making sales is not an accident, and if you're not doing these things consistently, you're missing out!
  • The number one mistake page owners make – doing this will not only cost you customers, it may damage your reputation.
  • 5 tools Facebook provides for measuring your effectiveness – and when it's most important for you to watch them.
  • How to use analytics to improve your Facebook marketing strategy – do this one thing well and you will never again wonder if Facebook was worth your time.

at Portage Chamber
11 2 St NE
Portage La Prairie, Canada

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