Facebook Ad Campaigns Fall Flat

(PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Only 37% of marketers think their Facebook advertising is effective

and SiliconCloud are one of them.

According to brand new research released this week from Social Media Examiner, while 86% of businesses consider social media to be an important part of their marketing efforts, many arent seeing the tangible results they hoped for from Facebook ad campaigns.

Patrick Murphy, CEO of SiliconCloud says, The average digital marketing agency will approach social media marketing with the typical hierarchy of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ in that order. However, pouring your efforts into Facebook like this will more than likely generate either high volumes of low quality traffic, or low volumes of high quality traffic.

At SiliconCloud, we turn the traditional social media hierarchy on its head. We have found that Facebook ads dont offer a tangible ROI and instead we have found far greater success using LinkedIn ads for example.

Twitter also remains a strong contender in social media marketing, boasting an impressive 9% conversion rate; however Google+, much neglected by many agencies, is closing the gap and is steadily rising to Twitter level. I am in no doubt that one day Google+ will overtake Twitter in terms of lead generation. The companies who realize this and utilize the platform in good time will reap the benefits when this happens.

I feel its important to know your market when you choose your social media marketing; which is probably why so many are seeing little activity from their Facebook ads. At SiliconCloud we focus our efforts on professional networks such as LinkedIn for our B2B clients as we feel it targets their market a lot better.

We do offer a Facebook ad service to our clients, however we do so free of charge and as part of a wider strategy. For B2B clients especially, Facebook can be the completely wrong market, it could make as much sense as an old folks home placing a sponsored post on Tumblr you need to know your market!

The survey asked 3000 marketers about the focus of their respective social media activities. 92% are using Facebook and 49% consider it to be their most important social media platform, however judging by this sizable dissatisfaction with it as an advertising platform, Facebook looks primed to potentially loose this lead in digital marketing.

About SiliconCloud

SiliconCloud is a digital marketing agency with a difference. We approach each client as if it were our own business and ask ourselves not how we can market them, but how can help them grow. Our strategy works to connect the sales and marketing processes so that they work in unison, continuously promoting and stimulating development in one another.

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