“Facebook Analytics: why bother with $FB Pages” #opinions / SML.20130106.SC.NET.Facebook.UX.Opinions

“Facebook Analytics: why bother with $ FB Pages” #opinions / SML.20130106.SC.NET.Facebook.UX.Opinions

Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
“Facebook Analytics: why bother with $ FB Pages” #opinions

Certain product implementation makes no sense to me. Facebook analytics data is one of those.

On normal Facebook account pages you only get stats for comments and likes, but on Facebook pages you also see those in addition to analytics data.

On the surface it would appear that the key difference is that Facebook Pages allows a uni-directional follow whereas regular FB accounts is a two-way relationship. However, these days Facebook also allows “subscriptions” so the only difference I can see is that while both free, one give users more data and the other not.

With the opinion that “normal” users would find those insights useless, companies often remove advanced features where expert users would also find useful but are unable to enable it. Meanwhile, they create alternative products which technically could just be the same thing and in the end greatly confuse new comers and old-timers alike.

Good products and services make it easy for new comers and advanced users alike. Clearly the UX Team at Facebook does not have the know-how. Failing more and see your stock tumble further. I guarantee it. For now if you want to see engagement data, create an FB page.

Screenshot counter-clockwise from top left:
1. facebook.com/seeminglee (regular page)
2. facebook.com/sml8photography (FB Page)
3. Insights from FB page

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