Facebook Anthem

I’m getting bored of facebook! Funny anti-Application song.
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  1. cjellwood says:

    The first thing i ask someone when meeting them is if they have a facebook account. If answer is yes, goodbye. Or just use them for a moment then bin the sheep

  2. tunder vax says:

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  3. CrackerFunny says:

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  4. lilith fox says:

    thank you!!!

  5. Miriam Robs says:

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  6. Derrick Stanley says:

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  7. Julian Askren says:

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  8. fredjerk69 says:

    i want an mp3 for this

  9. pokemonh2389 says:

    Am sorry dont want to be a hater but fail

  10. venity9510 says:

    hahahahahha 😀 D: D: i like this song 😀 😀 it’s funny 😀

  11. frieza625 says:

    mine opened another window

  12. SoundMixable says:


  13. Fancer Darske says:

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  14. David McGrath says:

    no offense but this is crappy, get more interesting fact of facebook here /watch?v=zKQA9E2w0uw

  15. Naomi Klossner says:

    sick of facebook since 2008…well its still going

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