Facebook Easter Egg

Facebook Easter Egg

Image by miss_rogue
Login to Facebook and at the homepage: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, b, a, Enter. Yup it really does something. (via Andrew Baron and Nate Pagel)

(click on whitespace to make it happen)

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5 Responses to Facebook Easter Egg

  1. revrev says:

    doesn’t seem to work for me :(

  2. hillary h says:

    no way. worked for me. that’s actually pretty awesome.

  3. xdonnanicolex says:

    worked for meee! is it permanent or do you have to do it each time u log in? :)

  4. miss_rogue says:

    @revrev Make sure you click on whitespace after you do the sequence.

  5. mil8 says:

    very cool indeed

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