Facebook Fan Valuation Matrix

Facebook Fan Valuation Matrix

Image by Intersection Consulting
www.intersectionconsulting.comAugie Ray at Forrester wrote a great “common sense” post about the problems associated with Facebook fan valuation.

I agree with his argument – assigning generic dollar values to individual Facebook fans is a futile exercise because of the variables involved. Furthermore, as social media managers or digital agencies, using these figures to recommend strategy or measure performance makes even less sense.

That being said, it’s still important for organizations, brands, etc. to take the time to understand the criteria for assessing value – even if it can’t be measured to the penny.

Thinking about fan acquisition, behaviour, engagement and sphere of influence can help organizations craft better strategies – and improve the value and impact of their Facebook communities.

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    Although getting the right social media metrics tool to measure impact can be a lot of work, this will eventually determine the organizations that will survive in this digital age + age of conversation.

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