Facebook Gets Tough on Online Video Piracy

Facebook Gets Tough on Online Video Piracy
Facebook is somewhat late to the game when it comes to dealing with the problem of video privacy. The site's focus on allowing users to share videos on their feeds is only about a year old, while YouTube has been in the video-sharing business for a decade.
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Boss of sugar dating sites on the defence
The Singapore-born founder of what he claims to be the world's largest sugar dating website has defended his business, insisting it is not a front for prostitution. "Today's sugar daddies are wealthy and successful boyfriends – the type of men most …
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The Rapper Who Loves Bernie Sanders
As Black Lives Matter protesters call for Sanders to take a firmer stance against racism, Lil B, whose endorsement has been much discussed on hip hop and indie music websites, is one of the more prominent African Americans to back the senator. Symone …
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