Facebook Home and HTC First detail walkthrough

http://www.slashgear.com/tags/facebook-home/ http://www.slashgear.com/androi.

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17 Responses to Facebook Home and HTC First detail walkthrough

  1. iead alsaidy says:

    So… fuck

  2. clbgeballe says:

    this phone looks so-so

  3. ajazshonaful says:

    Ok I want Twitter lol Wtf

  4. Amirul Vasper says:

    Facebook Home. my life will be totally lifeless now.

  5. carmelosc11 says:

    Just beating him down with all these questions

  6. FuckinGumba says:

    So i was just reading through all the comes and I realised everyone else is using so so often. This moment is do awkward. I went through the comments just to find all the so’s

  7. JoeyTalle says:

    Thank God, the price is VERY affordable, or else, no one else is gonna buy it

  8. Akash Shrivastava says:

    WHY it sucks! /watch?feature=player_embedded­&v=VOLwnGXmslk#!

  9. André Tovar More says:


  10. TrueRay17 says:

    If you go to my Channel I put a video up on how to install Facebook home on any android device. If your interested.

  11. 86nepsites says:

    lots of rude comments here.. at-least He show us what we want to see. thank you.

  12. Claude Archie says:

    And this Facebook home didn’t really impress me either.

  13. Claude Archie says:

    Oh my God if this guy says SO one more time…. Lol

  14. JTfromtheblackspot says:


  15. oppo shatragom says:

    so the word so is so-so ?

  16. cory Harrison says:

    He looks to the top left alot… ( lie to me ) has taught me alot. …. why would he guess ?

  17. seinfeld8812 says:

    Usb on the side?

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