Facebook Home: Worth the Download?

The Facebook phone is here. Sort of. With the release of Facebook Home for Android you can download and install a custom launcher that gives you an entirely …

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19 Responses to Facebook Home: Worth the Download?

  1. Suma Thomas says:

    Why don’t you do a review about your favorite launcher on android

  2. Ahmad Ibrahim says:

    anyone can get chat heads as long as they have facebook messenger instaled

  3. Farie Indriawan says:

    a unofficial modded facebook home from XDA is able to run on SGS2

  4. statikkgamer says:

    what if your internet ddos?

  5. James Tsai says:


  6. GalaxyWaffles says:

    I have an HTC One S and I got chat heads. So I don’t need to get crappy Facebook Home.

  7. MegaVideoGamer1000 says:

    cool :)

  8. afboi81 says:

    Tried it out, its annoying on my gs3. Think I will just stick with the basic facebook app

  9. briandav says:

    I know adding captions may be a pain, Austin but it helps me and im sure alot of others here on Youtube that you added them to your video. Major props to you.

  10. NextTechYT says:

    Just imagine how much data its gonna chow when its released

  11. maddmaxx636 says:

    It reminds me of the Kin Two before they took the social networking part out. I would try it out but i dont like how it disables the lock screen.

  12. rufus dinkleberg says:

    actually i hate the iphone and im a teenager its oly cool with teenage girls now

  13. huskypro1 says:

    So true.

  14. jmilan20031 says:


  15. Tyler Davies says:

    have fun explaining that to your girlfriend haha

  16. kevin mathew says:

    just watch

  17. ddog388112 says:

    What will happen to the iPhone?

  18. Mohamed Sherif says:

    “Sup! Thanks” 

  19. kevin mathew says:

    im not saying anything, just watch what will happen to iphone

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