Facebook kisses DRAM goodbye, builds memcached for flash

Facebook kisses DRAM goodbye, builds memcached for flash
But DRAM is expensive, especially when you get to Facebook's scale, and not all applications deserve that kind of performance. So, according to a Facebook Engineering post on Tuesday, the company designed McDipper to handle “working sets that had …
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Will Facebook go bye-bye when teens do?
Why should it matter if U.S. teens turn their noses up at Facebook, which after all has more than 1 billion users? Because the U.S. is the company's biggest source of revenue. More broadly, when you consider adoption of social technology, the emphasis …
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Study: Hospitals With More Facebook 'Likes' Have Lower Mortality Rates
Instead of finding new ways of collecting and reporting quality, why not use something that we already know to be powerfully effective: the social force that is Facebook. As a study on friendship similarly showed, Facebook is not best seen as a purely …
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