Facebook Live Feed on OS X desktop

Facebook Live Feed on OS X desktop

Image by Tschäff
It’s not ideal because it only works when firefox is running, but it’s good, maybe someone else can perfect it. Click image to enlarge. Facebook feed is on the top left.

Using GeekTool and the Facebook Toolbar 1.4.3 for Firefox I was able to get the live feed from Facebook to show up on my desktop and look nice. Here are steps:

1) Download and install the Facebook Toolbar – in the tools menu select add ons -> Facebook toolbar -> preferences -> use built-in firefox notifications

2) Download and install GeekTool

3) Download and install Growl

4) Enable Growl’s text file logging by entering these shell commands
touch ~/Library/Logs/Growl.log
defaults write com.Growl.GrowlHelperApp GrowlLoggingEnabled -bool YES
defaults write com.Growl.GrowlHelperApp GrowlLogType 1
defaults write com.Growl.GrowlHelperApp "Custom log history 1" ~/Library/Logs/Growl.log

5) Make a new shell geeklet and paste this code
tail -200 ~/Library/Logs/Growl.log | sed -e ‘s/..- Priority 0//g’ -e ‘s/^…………//g’ | grep Firefox | sed ‘s/Firefox: Facebook Notification (//g’ | tail -n 17 | grep -vw ‘registered’ | grep -vw ‘finished downloading’

6) In the Growl Preferences you can tell it to hide growls from firefox if you don’t want a growl bubble popping up anymore, don’t worry it will still show up in the log.

That should do it. Enjoy.

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  1. After closer inspection I see that some of the comment text is missing. Here is the fix. Change the geek too shell script to: tail -200 ~/Library/Logs/Growl.log | grep -v "^$" | awk -f ~/newline.awk | grep Firefox | sed -e ‘s/..- Priority 0//g’ -e ‘s/^…………//g’ | sed -e ‘s/Firefox: Facebook Notification (//g’ | tail -10 | sed G If you don’t want your output double spaced delete the | sed G at the end. Don’t worry, you won’t see anything until the net step is complete. The first tail command tells it to process the last 200 lines of the log file (to save CPU) the awk command takes lines that begin with a double quote to delete the line feed in front of the quote the next command. The grep command removes all lines that don’t include firefox, the seds command deletes the words that bracket the facebook info and the last tail command says display 10 lines of Facebook goodness.. Make a file in your home directory called newline.awk and write this inside: # —————- begin script BEGIN { lastline="" printed=0 } /^"/ { print lastline " " $0 printed=1 next } { if (printed==0){ print lastline } lastline=$0 printed=0 } END { if (printed==0){ print lastline } } # —————- end script

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