Facebook Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

The ultimate goal of social media is building relationships. With Facebook, your focus should be to Inform, Entertain and Create Conversations. Good content equals sharing and real dialogue. Great conversations are on the highway to real relationships, Steve Jolly said.

Promoting your value added content is a great idea for a post, but this strategy should be less than 25% of your total,” Jolly said. The rest should be designed to share content that your audience finds interesting. Special Bonus: Finding good content that is somehow related to real estate or homes. This is a subtle and effective connection to your business.

Heres 4 Facebook Posting Strategies. Click Here to See All 7!

1. Promoting Your Content

Content marketing can be accelerated with the right Facebook posting strategies. Upload a featured photo in WordPress. Share the post in related Facebook Groups that allow it. Participating in related groups can also be effective, as people review profiles of those who post. The content must add value to the audience to be effective. This should be less than 25% of a posting strategy.

2. Personal and Family Photos

Do not be hesitant to post casual photos. Most people work with those they know and trust. Sharing these types of photos helps build relationships.

Other great photos come from things that are seen while working. Look for items that are unique or interesting every day. It is amazing how many of these one can find if it is purposeful.

3. Funny

The ability to make others laugh is a strong relationship builder. Look for content that relates to your audience that is funny but not offensive. Great finds are humor with a Real Estate theme.

4. Video

Videos and Pictures get the highest level of engagement on Facebook. Personal videos to an individual or group can create a lot of excitement. Amazing Youtube videos, while they are still trending can be fun too.

Those interested can see the rest of the Facebook Strategies at by Clicking Here. Steve Jolly is a Real Estate Broker in Nashville, TN that teaches Content Marketing, WordPress, Traffic and SEO to Real Estate Professionals.

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