FaceForum.com Reflects on Emmy Awards, SPCP Report to Give Real People Reason to Consider Permanent Makeup

Park City, UT (PRWEB) February 22, 2012

The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals says a secret weapon called permanent makeup has made the lives and looks of celebrities easier to manage. The SPCP reports that Wynonna Judd, Raquel Welch and Dolly Parton (among others) have all benefited from the procedure, which is known by many names.

That, in combination with the recent Emmy Awards, has caused FaceForum.com to address the topic of permanent makeup a.k.a. micropigmentation, permanent cosmetics or cosmetic tattooing. In a free online article, the site gives real people (a.k.a. non-celebrities) reason to consider how it can benefit them.

While we jokingly start off by describing the messy-morning-after look many women face as they stand in front of their bathroom mirrors, explains Shawn Miele for FaceForum.com, there are a wide range of other reasons to consider permanent makeup. Coverage for scar tissue on the face or breasts is just one of them.

According to FaceForum.com, micropigmentation services are now offered at day spas, clinics and plastic surgery offices nationwide. Beyond bringing color to the eyes, cheeks and lips, the procedure offers cosmetic camouflage benefits which minimize the emotional scars patients in recovery from breast reconstruction and other surgeries struggle with.

During micropigmentation, or the permanent makeup, process, says Miele, organic pigment is deposited below the skins surface. That color then lasts and lasts. Its like facial tattooing with a super slender needle. Practitioners use fine punctures to push the pigment into place wherever it will most benefit their clients.

The SPCP confirms that permanent makeup can be used in a myriad of ways. It can lift the burden of drawing on eye brows for older patients whose eye sight may be failing and hands are less steady than they were in their youth. It can correct facial scars caused by dog bites which might otherwise make a person highly self-conscious.

Permanent makeup has also helped women (and men) side step the ritual task of spending time, money and energy on topical products cosmetics purchased and applied on a regular basis only to smear, fade or get washed away during the day.

Cosmetic makeup options include permanent eyeliner, eye brows, lip color, full face application and more. Yet, unlike topical products or temporary beauty agents like Botox

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