Fairytale of New York by the pogues lyrics

the title says it all lol enjoy!!! please rate and comment, INFO: Artist: The Pogues Feat. Kristy MacCol Album: The best of the Pogues or If I should fall from good grace with God
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Fairytale of New York by the pogues lyrics

  1. Funnyguy2261 says:

    Like if you listened because of Sips and Sjin.

  2. denmaur64 says:

    Thanks, and a Happy New Year to you & yours. Dennis UK

  3. royaloakboys says:

    we have just done 40 years 1 week together …………… so i can imagine your pain and your pride for your 47 years .. best wishes for the new year Mick UK

  4. Schwyzermeister2626 says:

    Ireland <3 <3 <3

  5. unknownlabrat says:

    Im proud to say I grew up with this song, i remember dancing my car seat to it and my mother making me promise to never ever say slut or faggot.

  6. CyberXeoX says:

    Even after Christmas I still listen to this awesome song!

  7. denmaur64 says:

    thank you Jonny.

  8. zoroark665 says:

    Me and Girlfriend listened to this on Christmas day 2011 and we had our first kiss……………………………….A magical moment for me that I will never forget and then we danced at my parents house all night

  9. jonny banks says:

    i share & feel your pain mate. atleast to some extent. on a smallar scale perhaps. i lost my girlfriend who i just assumed i would be with forever after after 8 years recently. we listened to certain songs when we were together just like you and your wife did, and the tears stream down my face when i listen to them now. as a line from a coldplay track says, ‘tears stream down your face, when you loose something you cannot replace’.

  10. gobigail says:

    Love this song

  11. MiniMidget100 says:

    I love being Irish

  12. lois groves says:

    Love it thank u

  13. wiseman2131 says:

    I had no idea what Sipsco Christmas was based on until I heard this.

  14. SuperSpockette says:

    This is an old family favorite. Christmas heralds listening to this song at least once. I grew up knowing all the words, and knowing there’s nothing to bring a family close like singing a song together, especially one from my grandma’s native Ireland. :)

  15. Flammiferous says:

    I love this song sooooo much!  Good thing I found this during the winter holidays! Happy holiday cheer to everyone!!!!

  16. barry fryer says:

    this is a great song keep playing it  BAZ

  17. anilland says:

    enlighten us – sing, go on sing; instead of the rubbishing, let’s hear you sing. yeah right

  18. todalyweirdgirl says:

    My orchestra played this!

  19. FoxyIsSoRaven says:

    Sips co

  20. midgetgemschannel says:

    this is a good song. i never thought i would say that. i’m 13 wasn’t even alive when this came out 😐

  21. 1209381209480138 says:

    Still the #1 Christmas song ever! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :)

  22. macho844 says:

    @dunc9000 their better then you

  23. dunc9000 says:

    these guys cant sing for shit

  24. GenericJoke says:

    Thats the only reason I’m watching this :)

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