Family Flees Dream Home, and Its Creepy 'Watcher'

Family Flees Dream Home, and Its Creepy 'Watcher'
Westfield's mayor says police have "conducted an exhaustive investigation…and left no stone unturned," but no charges have been laid. (One California woman decided to "prank" the family who bought her dream home out from under her; criminal charges …
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Remember this? Pranksters made Journal Square Tube Bar famous
The original location of the bar was torn down nearly six years ago to make room for a redevelopment project. After Red sold the bar to Barone, he moved to Florida and died in 1983. No one has tried to prank Barone recently, but some have tried, he said.

Misty Copeland's Possible Promotion at American Ballet Theatre Is Talk of
If promoted to principal, she will be the first African-American woman to reach the top rank at the 75-year-old company—and one of the few to achieve that status within classical ballet in the U.S.. Speculation about Ms. Copeland, whose pop-culture …
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