Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings – 2 Minute Marketing #104

Logos With Hidden Meanings http://videomojo.net/ Some of the best logos are simple, yet clever. Take a look at these logos. The Amazon logo has the yellow sw…

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16 Responses to Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings – 2 Minute Marketing #104

  1. racewiththefalcons1 says:

    When put together three times, the Hebrew sign for the number six looks like the M in Monster Energy Drink’s logo. Three sixes is the Number of the Beast (aka Satan). Not coincidentally, Monster Energy Drink’s slogan is “Unleash the Beast!”. 

  2. Nika Mana says:

    People this is evel.. watch out

  3. WMC PR says:

    Very interesting. More reasons why you should employ a professional to create your company logo.

  4. beyrsf says:

    Hidden word within “Tostito”……TIT

  5. itsj3world says:

    Nice video!! Here i made made logo design in just under 99 SECONDS! LOGO DESIGN IN 99 SECONDS. | J3WORLD

  6. A Wikked Moon says:

    A, W, M and V all mean 5. They stand for the 5 pointed star that is the greatest symbol of all. Why do you think that this star is used so much everywhere. The US uses a 5 pointed star for every state. And there is far more to this. What you are shown here is the outer MIND imagery. But there is a far more powerful inner MIND imagery that only the all seeing inner eye of which we all have can see and understand. Type in at the top “Occult symbols hidden in the Alphabet,Mark Cordova” and be prepared to be majorly BLOWN AWAY. Come to KNOW the real TRUTH. Stop believing already. To believe is to be miss led. To KNOW is to have complete TRUTH. Peace…..P.S. Look at my logo TM(trinity MAN symbol) and look at the logo for VIDEO MOJO the sponsor for this video. They use 3 V’s. V means 5. I have three 5 pointed stars hidden then circled by the eternal Father who has no beginning or end. Peace again….. 

  7. Skylar Adams says:

    i never noticed this!

  8. Asia Velasco says:

    Disney has 666

  9. Suzanne Boles says:

    Very cool! Researching for my #copywriting course I teach I found this: Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings YouTube http://ow.ly/C9WOh

  10. Veronika Konda says:

    WHAT DOSE starbucks mean!!!!!!

  11. beyrsf says:

    Where can I find videos featuring subliminal messages in Spiderman the animated series (the episode w/man spider, punisher, and kraven)?

  12. creeper in a suit says:

    How do we know your logo doesn’t have a hidden meaning?

  13. Kiernan May says:

    That’s cool, i never realized these things before. I wonder if they meant to do that or if it was just an accident. 

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