Sem Releases an Article Advising Businesses of the 4 Crucial Online Marketing Strategies They Should Implement

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

While there are many approaches to inbound marketing, CEOs and managers seek to launch campaigns with the most critical strategies first. In this light,, an Inbound Marketing company of the Greater Seattle area, recently released an article addressing this topic, written by their lead designer, Isaac Campbell. The article points out four crucial online marketing strategies for business marketing campaigns. Blogging, search PPC, site structure optimization, and appearance (web design optimization) are all critical elements to be considered as part of the online marketing strategy.

The article first addresses a common concern among business-ownershow will blogging affect the bottom line? Many businesses, especially those with a very specific clientele at a high-price point, can view blogging as a load of unnecessary or unrelated text on their web page that people wont read. Fannit debunks this theory, advising that instead, a well-written blog actually communicates to customers and search engines, such as Google, about the quality of the website and the business services.

The second crucial element in a marketing strategy is a pay-per-click campaign. The article explains furtherThe primary perk with PPC marketing is that you immediately get your name at the top of relevant search results. This means that people who search for the kind of product or service you offer will immediately see you as a great option to purchase from.

Fannit also advises on the importance of providing site structure optimization, in which the link juice pours from the lesser pages of the website into those that need to be ranked higher by Google or search engines, such as the service pages of a company.

Finally, the article addresses the importance of creating an attractive and user-friendly website. Am I going as far as to say that your business might fail if your website looks bad? Um, yes, I am actually and Ive seen it happen, the author states emphatically in the post. The article proceeds to explain the trip-ups that users have with poor websites, and some shocking statistics that every business owner should know.

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