Fannit Releases Article Discussing the Top 7 KPI Marketing Managers Should Track

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 14, 2015

As marketing teams work diligently to implement and walking out different inbound marketing strategies, it is important that time be taken to analyze the success of these endeavors by reviewing several key performance indicators (KPI). In their most recent article, Fannit lists their top 7 inbound marketing KPI that marketers should track.

Well developed and tailored marketing strategies can help your business reach more people, get more customers, and generate more revenue, Fannit states.

A general overview of the business sales revenue is the place Fannit suggests marketers start. The article recommends marketers ask themselves, How much revenue are my campaigns generating? to get a basic idea of how their marketing strategy is doing.

Tracking a websites traffic is another great way marketers can learn see how their strategies are performing. The article advises that while, by itself, the amount of traffic a website is getting wont be too enlightening, there are ways to use this information and dig deeper into analytics tools to get a much broader sense of the campaign success.

The power of a marketing strategy to generate leads and customers is an important quality. Fannit says that, Knowing what is and is not attracting leads will help you to alter and refine your marketing strategy.

Changing a lead into a customer is also the responsibility of inbound marketing. The article states that, While increasing your lead count is certainly something to be celebrated, real sales dont happen unless leads transform into customers.

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