Fantasy Fines Enables Users to Issue Fines Against Pro Athletes

Austin, TX (PRWEB) September 28, 2013

The saying that all publicity is good publicity, isn’t quite true. Often for sports figures, bad publicity from less-than-honorable actions or poor performance will damage their personal brand, drawing repercussions from fans, sponsors, and the larger franchise or league in which they are employed. believes their original new business model could help to provide a remedy to these athletes while simultaneously providing entertainment for fans everywhere. allows users to bridge the gap between sports figures and themselves, giving them an alternative to frustration, an outlet for anger. Fans will be able to give their opinion on the actions of the people they see on television, read about online, and manage on their fantasy sports teams. But unlike venting in useless chat rooms that do nothing but take up space on the web, offers the potential for an athlete to acknowledge that their fan base is Tiked Off by donating to worthy causes.

How it works: A user is upset with a sports figure and decides they should be fined for a specific offense, so the user goes online and issues a Tik (pronounced tick and represented by a dollar amount) to the sports figure in question (the Tik-E). Other upset sports fans may agree or disagree with this being an actionable offense, and can choose to UpTik or UnTik the total fine by one dollar either way. Once a Tik is created, keeps track of the cumulative total of virtual fines issued for the offense. When a Tik reaches a predetermined threshold sufficient to qualify as significant social pressure, will approach the sports figure with their users dissatisfaction level and offer them a chance to socially redeem themselves and repair their public image by donating $ 500.00 to a charity of their choice. In exchange, will provide the Tik-E positive press coverage regarding their donation, including notification to users that their Tik has spurred a real-world response. This action closes the Tik with the community, and represents the Tik-E acknowledging to the fans that their voice has been heard and that it matters.

All over the world, people love their sports heroes; they feel they know them. They watch them with their friends; they spend countless dollars supporting them; they grow up with them as a part of their lives. They are like family. But like family, they can be frustrating, infuriating, and disappointing. Well, if enough fans who care this much share a common opinion, shouldnt a sports figure be told about it? That sports figure should be given the chance to say, “for this athlete, the fans matter, shouldn’t they? And shouldn’t that sports figure be given the opportunity to make things right? With, now they will.

Everyone who supports the campaign on Indiegogo will be eligible for perks, including things like free lifetime licenses to use the companys Android and iPhone app, T-Shirts, and free $ 20.00 Yahoo Sports Fantasy league accounts. Additional perks are being developed and will be released when available.

Interested parties can learn more about the campaign at and be sure to visit online at

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