farookh186@yahoo.com-“Baby Vs Cobra.flv”

Incredible India, see the daring parents.
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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11 Responses to farookh186@yahoo.com-“Baby Vs Cobra.flv”

  1. Regina Mahlangu says:

    That is very duiestuirbing very

  2. kim hyeonsu says:

    farookh186@yahoo.com-“Baby Vs Cobra.flv”: https://youtu.be/rm2SWmd2UTA

  3. Ranjan Mohapatra says:

    Hi Friends look at brave child photo so be Courage,be Brave & self will power if U try in Life than U can gain my best ideas for all take care pls reply me asap. 

  4. Sarah Jane Favinger says:

    How can that not be abuse..The adults are getting a great laugh,,,,YOU TUBE why would you allow this. Porn is one thing but showing a baby gettin struck by a snake is abuse and you encourage this by not blocking this. Would allow that to happen to your child?? Maybe you would since you allow videos like this….What goes around come around

  5. Rachel Harden says:

    I swear…I will hold my tongue. yeah……

  6. istAssociates says:

    What the hell is this?

  7. Rachel Harden says:

    what the fuck????????????????????????? child abuse!!!!!!!!!

  8. 李 John says:


  9. rellsper says:

    That is horrible! Child abuse for sure! Teaching the child to play with poisonous snakes…..very disturbing. 

  10. steven crawford says:

    I’m sure the snake does not have any Fangs otherwise that baby would be dead.

  11. Pastor Mathew Vroman says:

    Terrible!!!!!!! Why does youtube allow this.

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