Farrah Abraham — Sex Tape Bikini YANKED Off Ebay

Farrah Abraham — Sex Tape Bikini YANKED Off Ebay
We're told eBay removed the listing and sent Vivid an email, saying, "Due to health and hygiene concerns our policy does not allow used clothing to be listed on the site unless the item has been washed first." When the listing was pulled, bidding had …
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Hype Gaining For Kitchen Nightmares Restaurant Re-Launch: Tickets Selling On
… free tickets were easily obtained by sending an email to the couple's publicity company — in turn, some people granted tickets live out of town and had no intentions of attending in the first place, and have been trying to sell their tickets on …
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The Coca-Cola Code: Teen 'Buys' Recipe for Million on eBay
Coca-cola recipe EBay One of the greatest trade secrets in corporate American history, guarded jealousy for more than a century, was allegedly put up for sale on eBay (EBAY) by an antiques hunter in Georgia: the recipe for the Coca-Cola (KO) Co.
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