Fashion Branding, PR and Fashion Installation Workshop

Fashion Branding, PR and Fashion Installation Workshop
Event on 2014-06-18 19:00:00

The history of the fashion Workshops have brought much success to the Fashion, Beauty and Photography individuals who have attended. I continue to add to my workshops each time. So you will learn new and relevant information as well as information that I will always be sure to HAVE to know. One of the main goals of the evening is networking with Fashion professionals from all over New England.

Beauty vs. Fashion PR:

There will be 5 Individuals who will be available on SKYPE to answer your questions? Their backgrounds range from Celebrity Publicists, PR Managers, Celebrity Assistants and A celebrity herself appearing on "Love in the City" from Oprah's OWN Network. One last video appearance will be a Top Model Agent.

In this workshop we will focus on Beauty and Fashion product placement. I will discuss how to build your brand and be your brand. You will learn who and how to send product to without paying for it.

On site we will have Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artists who can guide you to your goals. There will be stations set up, each station will feature a different concept and task that you will be able to learn hands on. (Optional)

Beauty PR is different from FASHION PR in that the clientele and outcome is going to be different. We will discuss the reasons why Beauty PR is different and who you should be in contact with in order to gain recognition in the most appropriate manner.

There will be models who will be getting their Hair and Makeup done, however the idea is you my guest will complete the models look with what you have just learned. Then you will receive your own digital photograph of the model/s you work on.

I work on all Red Carpet events doing a variety of tasks. It can include dressing A-list Celebrities or product placement at the Oscars, Grammy’s and Academy Awards etc…I can help you obtain this at no cost to you. I also help you improve your portfolio, we can review it while at the workshop. The Beauty PR and Branding session will host a wealth of information that will bring you to another level.

Fashion Branding:

A leader with a strong personal brand is not just a request for the company, it’s a powerful asset for an individual, making them less dependent on any given organization. Having a personal brand is even more crucial for fashion entrepreneurs, stylists, designers, models and bloggers.

  • Know That You Can’t Fake the Funk

  • Have Talent, Skill and Dedication to Back it Up

  • Don’t Try to Appeal to Everyone

  • Write it Down.

  • Communicate Your Brand. Again. And Again. And Again.

  • Foster Brand Culture

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

  • Be Patient

  • Voice and Image

Fashion PR:

1. The benefits of Write-ups

Gain complete knowledge of what Public Relations is, how to get the exposure you need, why write-ups are good press & how they can affect sales, why magazines have so much influence over consumer purchases, which magazines work best for your product and why, written publications vs. web publications, and the difference between write-ups and advertising.

2. How to get write ups on you, your product, and your company

How to reach relevant editors, tips on writing a “sound” press release that editors will respond to, what hot/tip sheets are, how Fashion Stylists’ can help you get write-ups. How to implement a press campaign & create high impact promotional materials and media kits that work best for you to get your point across. Feel free to bring in any of your promotional materials for our critique.

3. Press Outreach

How to build a massive database of viable press and media contacts; the best way to reach, connect and build relationships with relevant editors; cold calling tips; networking tips; exactly what publicists do & the associated costs.

You will learn how to collaborate with other professionals so you will benefit from it.

4. Spin Techniques

How to attract editors to your product/company and gets write-ups, how to develop angles to make your product/company/yourself sound press worthy on a continuous basis, ways to get celebrity support and alignment, ways to align with charities or current events to generate press while helping a cause, hence growing your business.

5. Editorial Calendars and timelines

How to find deadline dates to submit and be featured in special issues; whether it’s a monthly national publication, monthly local publication, weekly publication, or daily publication; so you get your point across on time to the editors!

Fashion Editorial Concepts and how to have a flawless portfolio:

Working with Fashion Wardrobe Stylists for film, T.V, Interior decorating and of course fashion and Beauty.

1. What makes a good stylist and the avenues to take to become a working one.

2. The difference between styling for film/tv/video, editorials, red carpet, and working as a personal or celeb stylist, personal shopper, or wardrobe consultant.

3. How to get your 1st personal styling job.

4. How to build the best portfolio, and what should and shouldn’t be included. Feel free to bring yours in for our critique.

5. The difference between a portfolio for editorials and for television or film.

6. How to keep your work fresh and keep your portfolio current.

7. Building relationships with photographers, showrooms, designers, retailers, and the press.

8. How to pull from showrooms, retailers, and designers, and what they'll want in exchange.

9. Positioning yourself as a brand and structuring a legitimate business in Styling.

10. Trendspotting & taking risks.

11. How to secure an agent and the pros and cons of having one.

This 2 hour workshop is very thorough and intense, but is a fun place to network, meet, and learn. You will gain ALL the knowledge necessary to build the contacts to become a working Stylist, Public Relations Specialist and fashion Industry Insider no matter what the specialty. In fact, you are NOT likely to find all of this information in any one place. This workshop provides invaluable consolidated information based on First Hand experience which makes applying it extremely approachable.

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