FASTER THAN LIGHT?! (Athene & Frederik discuss sci-fi space travel)

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16 thoughts on “FASTER THAN LIGHT?! (Athene & Frederik discuss sci-fi space travel)

  1. The enterprise does not travel through normal space while in warp. it generates a “warp” field which causes space to “warp” around it. so it’s not actually travelling faster than light, just taking shorter path so to speak.

  2. If a cameraman was filming a ship at warp speed (himself travelling at warp speed alongside it), would the video even register on the camera? I assume so at 99% speed of light but not over? Any thoughts from the YT scientists or whoever else? Lol.

  3. I would say that you misread Einstein, Sumsar01. May I call you Sums? You see Sums, what Einstein actually said was that nothing can accelerate to the speed of light because its mass would become infinite. Einstein said nothing about entities already traveling at the speed of light or faster.

  4. Wouldn’t the solution then just to travel at 99% of lightspeed towards a really empty part of space away from your hideout, then start ‘Warp’? The image would still come back, but your enemies would be none the wiser as to where you really came from!

  5. If you are a sucker, you can simply suck away all the photons and you will instantly no longer be limited by the speed of light barrier. Time dilation, however is an other matter.

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