Fatboy Slim – Ya Mamma

Fatboy Slim – Ya Mamma.

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16 Responses to Fatboy Slim – Ya Mamma

  1. Chris Pietersen says:

    36 mense naai hul ma

  2. Michał Kwiatkowski says:


  3. idjwiseguy says:

    this song had a deep message behind it it means are you willing to risk it all to be heard for your art i love this track i think it also wants me to push the tempo but i could be mistaken lol

  4. 1PSV1Juve1 says:

    This song is from that snowboard game whats it called XMS ore someting like that?!

  5. mark anthony andam says:

    Hahaha! Cool! 

  6. José Manuel Orsini says:

    This is the trailer for The Hangover 3. The fat guy looks like Zach Galifianakis.

  7. Hatacked says:

    36 people couldn’t press the ”like” button anymore cuz of this song…

  8. kolok1986 says:

    Я так под Киркорова танцую

  9. jcavale says:

    Tell me about it.Lol

  10. aivann carlo Cariaga says:

    my child hood music is awesome

  11. Ciesla666 says:

    I wish I lived in a English speaking country so I could listen to this all the time and when somebody asks me “Hey, dude, whatcha listenin to?” I could answer “Ya Mamma!”

  12. BluntedZephyr says:


  13. Bence Ivan says:

    they’re so crazy:DDD

  14. twentyoneandsix says:

    why can’t i hold all this tempo?

  15. S4nquis says:

    Rednecks got the Tempo 😀

  16. KingdomSlayer says:

    …so they have diferent names for his songs? As far as I know this song is called Push the Tempo…

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