Fault Lines – How the White House was Won

It was a long and bitter race that lasted months and cost at least .5bn. This episode of Fault Lines takes viewers through a tour of the US 2012 presidential campaign, from the high and low moments, to the Spin Room, to the noisy campaign ads that blanketed swing states.

23 thoughts on “Fault Lines – How the White House was Won

  1. Thanks god Obama won. I did not want to see another war developing. Those filthy rich Republicans want wars but they are cowards because they shield their children from the battlefield and send the poor ones. They don’t want to pay tax for the poor but they want the poor to defend them. All Republicans are haters and lunatics.

  2. Well,by all means come forth with a better concept yourself then.But don’t tell me what we have now is working.With our nations law makers beholden to lobbyists,the economy,pretty much in the tank due to corporation induced austerity,and fact that the federal reserve is non-altruistic in its actions or rather non-action.Where are the politicians?Busy getting a tan?What is going on?My idea may seem lousy to you,but we have to start to rethink how this Republic operates.So then…what’s your idea?

  3. it wasn’t only that President Obama won, rmoney lost because KARL ROVE self-proclaimed kingmaker was slapped down by ANONYMOUS, by their invasion into roves cheating machines and installed firewalls to prevent his cooking the numbers. it much explains roves rants and raves election night. i forcast that anonymous will hit those corruptors where it will hurt them should the attempts at corruption continue

  4. Obama didn’t make Romney unelectable. Romney did that by evading questions, changing stance repeatedly, dismissing half the nation’s voters, devaluing women, and exhibiting his own arrogance of wealth and total lack of empathy for those in the middle and poorer financial strata.

  5. All professional politicians should be fired.It may be better if we have a national raffle for political office.made of vetted,responsible,everyday people,educated of course;but not in politics on a professional basis.I mean small business owners,teachers & professors,responsible people with ethics,not people with their eye on power and prestige, as the major majority of pro politicians grave for themselves these days.& if they prove unworthy,immediate expulsion.not wait years to correct a wrong

  6. Ron Paul. Mitt Romney’s primary opposition for the Republican nomination was RON PAUL. And the reason we won’t have a Republican president after the 2012 election is because Ron Paul’s supporters swore that they’d vote “For Ron Paul, or for No One At All.” When the GOP cheated for Romney against Paul, it lost the general election. There was no sense even in having the election, except to meet the technical legal requirement that there be one. Not running Ron Paul meant that Obama would win.

  7. Obama won because all blacks and Muslims voted for him. Most U.S. babies are NOT white. What will happen to white Americans when they become the minority? Will they be treated the same way they are treated in Zimbabwe and South Africa?

  8. Please investigate corruption in Pennsylvania that forced me to flee the USA to protect my son & myself from my son’s father after CPS, police, DA, & the Court refused to help us. They saw the evidence that my son’s father offered money to men to kill me, mailed a Death Threat to me, & sexually abused my son. Please view my You Tube video, ‘MOTHER AND SON EXILED FROM THE USA, DOES ANYONE CARE?’. No one should not have to flee the USA to seek protection. Pamela Kilmer, exiledfromusa@yahoo.com

  9. In this election – the racists, the bigots, the right wing machine, the upper class welfare receiving tax dodgers, the pro-rape anti-woman fetus fetishists, those suffering from Christ-psychosis, and the hyper-ethnocentric European Americans – LOST. Emancipated educated women, hard working immigrants, inspired young people, white people who don’t put their white-ness above humanity, common sense, facts & science — WON. And by the way, Myth Robmey got less votes than Grandpa McCain.

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