FaZe Best of the Month – July 2012

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to FaZe Best of the Month – July 2012

  1. mw3montagez7193 says:

    its cool xD

  2. jake k says:

    I love this video because, july is the month of the girl i like, and i love you MINK!

  3. snuggels242424 says:

    O XD soz

  4. mw3montagez7193 says:

    i didnt mean you i mean carlos lol x) i was agreeing with u

  5. snuggels242424 says:

    not being a fan boy just stating the truth.

  6. mw3montagez7193 says:

    i know god damn fanboy your garbage dayum >.> lol

  7. SkykerGaming says:

    On y voit rien dans tes petites fenêtres abruti

  8. HeJumpedTheCar says:

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  9. snuggels242424 says:

    lololololol if he sucks your fucking garbage 

  10. carlos12201983 says:

    You suck

  11. TeamLgcy says:

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  12. prosnipingdk says:

    Check out our Channel for mw3 montages WE just started ón youtube

  13. coolio5843 says:

    Keep up the great videos

  14. coolio5843 says:

    Not to be racist but I’m Asian and I thought we were good at quick scoping

  15. XtremeDriver900 says:

    Anyone wanna join my anti-trickshot clan on mw2? lol

  16. PortlandsFinestt says:

    trying not to spam but please check om out you wont be disappointed thanks for the chance

  17. magicdonjuan27 says:

    Where is kross ? Honesty I want to see you guys 5 v 5 somebody… That would bring in more views/viewers

  18. Random19027 says:

    all of these commetns are sub me and join my clan seriously

  19. TehhBourkey says:

    hey guys i found a new trickshot spot on favela that you can easily do in a pub match, its not the best but check it out. in featured on my channel just click my YT name ”)

  20. Mike Staton says:

    T’aurais pas choper des vues gratuites sur weab.fr toi ?

  21. OnlyUsHQ says:

    check us out

  22. OGTeMpNation says:

    trying not to spam but pleaase check out my clan you wont be disapointed thanks for the chance

  23. WinsMeanNothing says:

    I know people say this like a 1,000,000 but lets make this 1,000,001 CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL lololololololololololololololollololollloololollololool

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