Fenasucro & Agrocana

Fenasucro & Agrocana
Event on 2013-08-27 00:00:00
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27-30 ago 2013


Centro de Eventos Zanini, Sertaozinho-SP, Brasil


International Sugar and Alcohol Industrial Fair


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ago 2014

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Reed Multiplus Brasil, Brasil

Sector da Indústria

Energia, Petróleo & Gás


Apenas EspaçoR$ 850,00

Espaço e MontagemOn Request

Sobre o evento

Fenasucro&Agrocana offer visitors the opportunity to explore the whole chain of production: land preparation, planting, cultivation, harvesting, industrialization, mechanization and use of derivatives of cane sugar. It can be recognised by the significant amount of business generated before, during and after the event as well as the many opportunities that the show generates, that this is truly an essential show to attend in the Energy, Oil & Gas industry in Brazil.

Fenasucro&Agrocana is a global hub for cutting edge technologies for sugar, ethanol and energy production.Produtos e Serviços

  1. Metting Businesses
  2. Financial Agents
  3. Biogenetic Applications
  4. Biological Control
  5. Agrochemicals
  6. Instituitions & Universities
  7. Entities
  8. Safety Equipment
  9. Supplies
  10. Irrigation Equipment
  11. Mechanization
  12. Agricultural Planning
  13. Production Equipment
  14. Agricultural Implements
  15. Agriculture Machines
  16. Pumps & Engines
  17. Spare Parts
  18. Auto Parts & Tires
  19. Transport & Loading
  20. Utilitarian Vehicles & Logistics
  21. Others

Perfil do Visitante

  1. Sugar Alcohol Producer
  2. Mill Distillery Supplier
  3. Sugar Cane Supplier
  4. Producer Of By-Products
  5. Agricultural Supplier
  6. Technicians
  7. Supervisors
  8. Managers
  9. Engineers
  10. Buyers
  11. Salespersons

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