Fieldsports Britain – Bernard Cribbins fishes and Roy Lupton shoots fallow

Actor and fieldsports enthusiast Bernard Cribbins is pushing a boat out for a good cause at a trout fishery in Oxfordshire. Roy Lupton is stressing about whether or not to shoot a fallow buck in the head. Oliver Power reveals the high prices people will pay to shoot white or weird deer. And Helena Neraal explains how to cook an elk fillet in cinnamon. Plus we have news on cormorants, grouse, partridges and which are more popular: barracuda or trout? You are probably wondering how you managed to get through the week so far without knowing all this stuff. You can thank your weekly episode of Fieldsports Britain.
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13 Responses to Fieldsports Britain – Bernard Cribbins fishes and Roy Lupton shoots fallow

  1. mainlinecully says:

    Doctor who man

  2. DragonoftheEastblu says:

    Get fucked.

  3. jillem says:

    All murderers

  4. 40kaway says:

    Great tv show would love it if Australia had a hunting show there are already to many fishing shows

  5. browningb125c says:

    When will you be on mainstream TV – this is the best Fieldsports programme ever! Well done to Charlie and the team.

  6. Mcgint says:

    use the looting scumbag for ballistic reports!!

  7. Michael G. says:

    Hi there, Great show as always - any chance you could get some keepering clip’s/ video’s up ?

  8. fieldsportschannel says:

    hi – google English Safari Company

  9. eohinyorks says:

    Obviously, now I think about it 😉

  10. 686silverpigeon says:

    100th episode 

  11. Jimmy Day says:

    Hi how could i contact Oliver Power? Thanks

  12. eohinyorks says:

    9 more weeks? To what?

  13. peteromahony says:

    Outstanding as usual! Keep up the good work

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