FIFA15 Club-Ranking 1. FC Köln

Timo Horn, Dominic Maroh, Yannick Gerhardt, Daniel Mesenhöler, Daniel Halfar, Jonas Hector, Kevin Wimmer and Simon Zoller go head-to-head in a FIFA 15 Ultima…
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19 Responses to FIFA15 Club-Ranking 1. FC Köln

  1. Wobec says:

    i bet you that EA will get license to the bundesliga in fifa 16

  2. ForzaJuve says:

    I know I watched this video a few days ago :(

  3. Nejc says:

    always found that game boring. id rather watch real football then play fake one

  4. Bremen Boy Darby says:

    It’s weird to see football players wearing glasses lol, and also Kevin Wimmer is the best of them all, even if they came last. #ForzaSVW

  5. reptilestuffftwlol says:

    Could have sworn this was uploaded already

  6. Chris Young ;) says:

    How did they get scmicheal and Roberto Carlos?

  7. Ernest Aloyan says:

    Where do they get all the legends from

  8. moodswyng says:

    I don’t think I will buy any of them for my team in Fifa 15.

  9. Ali Hussain says:

    Can you guys try Top 10 curling goals?

  10. Allanrpsx says:

    I don’t understand

  11. joe jones says:

    Does the second goalkeeper have make up

  12. yrret1996 says:

    do a top 10 goal-line clearance please!!

  13. Julie Lindberg says:

    Wow, Peter Schmeichel is back!

  14. Barnabás Gráfel says:

    Legend Team?

  15. SkyRocketteShip says:

    We need more of this with other Bundesliga clubs! :D

  16. DaHoppah says:

    Can you do a top 10 goal-line clearances video?

  17. nomnomgames says:

    can you make a funniest red cards video

  18. Teodor Milosevic says:

    one i ts extra video

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