Fifth Harmony Interview (Yahoo Music)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Fifth Harmony Interview (Yahoo Music)

  1. Joyce C. says:

    Omg 6:28 when lauren says paulina …fuck me lauren

  2. Kimberly Contreras says:


  3. paula beri says:

    Ok I see some people saying that they will break up and. Stuff but honestly , I think they are kind of tired in this video cuz they are always talking and very energetic and stuff and normally they all talk at the same time and I love that don’t get me wrong.but I think they were tired . I mean they work a lot and rehearsals and stuff .and p,us normally camila is doing silly stuff. So I think they were tired

  4. Fifth Harmonizer says:

    well they now are preforming 

  5. MsCarlysAngels says:

    Okay my sister iPad it’s was playing miss movin on and I’m watching 5th harmony 

  6. Jessica Barahona says:

    Omg the amount of laurinah in this vid is crazy aahhh since when did they got so close anyways theyre soo cute well they all are ♡♥

  7. dayanita1908 says:

    Text messages helps a lot..

  8. FifthHarmony Demetria says:

    They all look so gorgeous in this video

  9. destinyfave says:

    noo,she just kidding .. dinah is always a delight

  10. fernandalborn2 says:

    kjaskjsakjas I’ts okay :’DD

  11. mycahPLL says:

    Camila is so cute

  12. Alex Trousilek says:

    Ally’s shorts are kind of….short

  13. av musiclover says:

    1:08 through 1:21 is so funny

  14. Daniela Minetti says:

    the way Lauren said Paulina… damnn <3

  15. misserinessentially says:

    the account is amazing ! always keeping me updated:)

  16. Mike Jones says:

    Lol if it weren’t for the comments I would have never noticed that Camila said “I think I’d pee myself” at 6:20 without realizing the mic was on XD I’m on the floor laughing uncontrollably!!!

  17. MTZ909 says:


  18. anthony zulueta says:

    I love how down to earth and honest these girls are. No pretentions at all! Camila, funny as always :).

  19. luis zalazar says:

    Jaja las chicas no quieren largar el micrófono pobre dinah y normani !!

  20. m13laball says:

    Seriously! You can’t help but laugh in any of their interviews. No reason why you can’t like both, or why one has to be better than the other.

  21. Nathan Daniels says:

    8:48 lol

  22. tiffany rivera says:

    people always have something negative to say about lauren lol. she didnt do anything wrong, leave her alone. poor lolo my fav

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