“Fifty SEO Ideas”, Favorably Reviewed On ‘Good Reads’, Announces JM Internet

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 06, 2013

The JM Internet Group, (web: jm-seo.org) a leader in SEO courses for small business, is proud to announce that their latest book, Fifty SEO Ideas, has been recognized on GoodReads.com, and has received many favorable reviews. Fifty SEO Ideas is a book for small business on ‘Search Engine Optimization.’ It is full of tips, secrets and ideas, aimed to help small business owners and marketers. The book provides practical ideas of getting ‘SEO Fit’, and identifies fifty practical tips, tricks, secrets and techniques that small businesses should be doing right now to get their company to the top of Google searches. Each item in the book has pointers to top, no cost Internet resources that help small businesses understand how to achieve successful SEO.

“Fifty SEO Ideas has gained popularity on Amazon.com,” explained Jason McDonald, Director of the JM Internet Group. “In addition to Amazon.com, we are proud that the book has found its way to GoodReads.com, and is receiving positive reviews from happy readers.”

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is all about getting to the top of Google or Bings organic listings. Natural or organic listings on Google are incredibly powerful as lead generating tools for a website or blog. This informative book explains fifty tips, tricks, and secrets that can help propel any company to the top of search engine results. Starting with topics as basic as how to write an effective blog post, the book covers areas such as Google Analytics, webmaster tools, why Twitter matters for SEO, and even Google Easter Eggs. Anyone who is a small business owner, marketer, or needs to get a business or organization to the top of Google search will benefit from the ideas, tips, tricks, and secrets of Fifty SEO Ideas. The book helps with practical, immediate todo advice. Each idea is explained in quick detail: what it is, why it matters, steps to do to get it done, and even a grading rubric so a marketers can grade where they and their teams are today. To get physically fit, people go to a gym and do systematic exercises. To get SEO fit, this book gives marketers practical exercises that will bolster your companys SEO fitness in just a few hours per week!

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Sample Ideas – all explained with TODO lists, grading charts, and lists of no cost Internet resources!

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