Fill your business with Profitable Clients … starting Saturday! – The $100,000+ Game Plan for Professionals(c)

Fill your business with Profitable Clients … starting Saturday! – The 0,000+ Game Plan for Professionals(c)
Event on 2012-11-17 09:00:00

Fill your business with Profitable Clients … starting Saturday!

Want your Best Year Ever?  You'll need a Winning Game Plan.

Get your Marketing & Operational Game Plan together now.

Go from Scattered to Focused in a one creative high-energy day! 

The 0,000+ Game Plan for Professionals is a very specific 10-step process that lets you walk away from this day with a personalized 20-page written Game Plan that will allow you to develop & fill a successful, lucrative, and sustainable professional service business.  Most professionals who implement this Game Plan achieve a Six-Figure Income and in less time.  


This workshop helps you identify your most lucrative target market audiences and determines the most effective ways to connect and communicate your ideal messages in a much stronger way.  It's designed to fill your practice & manage your business.  
Join Certified Business Coach Patrick von Pander as he guides you through a very specific 10-Step Game Plan Workbook designed to unleash your potential for 2013 and beyond!  All in a single, focused, creative, productive, effective day. For over a decade, Patrick has coached hundreds of Service Professionals on a 1-on-1 basis to help them to build & develop their successful service business.  He has had thousands of Professionals attend his various seminars, workshops, & training camps.  Patrick shares "Professionals are technicians.  They are technically expert within their field.  This alone doesn't necessarily translate into having a successful service business.  This requires them be proficient in marketing & operating their business.  This is what I can help Service Professionals with most.  I love helping Professionals unleash their potential!"

Time for you to have your Winning Game Plan!

Fill Your Practice with profitable clients!

This full-day Training Camp is perfect for:

  • Financial Professionals (Financial Advisors, Insurance Advisors, Bankers)
  • Real Estate Professionals (Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Home Inspectors)
  • Legal Professionals (Lawyers, Notaries)
  • Consulting Professionals (Business, Technology, Strategic)
  • Wellness Professionals (Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Kinesiologists)
  • Fitness Professionals (Personal Trainers, Martial Arts Instructors, Fitness Instructors, Golf Instructors, Dance Instructors, Sports Team Coaches, Athletic Coaches)
  • Medical Professionals (General Practitioners, Specialists)
  • Coaching Professionals (Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Motivational Coaches)
  • Online Professionals (Web Developers, Web Designers, Social Media Experts)
  • Human Resources Professionals (Leadership Developers, Personal Developers, Professional Developers, Appreticeship Developers)

As a Service Professional, your product is your time, knowledge, expertise, experience, & the desired result that your clients want you to help them achieve.  Now is the time to translate this into a written & personalized Marketing & Operational Game Plan that will allow you to achieve the potential Standard Of Living that will allow you to enjoy the Quality Of Life that you really want for yourself and those you care about most!
Qualify for your Association's CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits with your attendance.  

 Have your Best Year Ever!Register now for the low rate of only 7 & bring a friend for only !(limit 1 Friend Seat per First Class Seat) 



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