Film & Feast – The Denial Machine!

Film & Feast – The Denial Machine!
Event on 2014-10-22 19:00:00

Join us for a delicious local organic dinner and brilliant documentary followed by liveley informative discussion!

"The Denial Machine" was produced in 2006 but the denial machine behind the efforts to confuse the issue of human caused global warming started long before that. It's seeds were planted as far back as 1957 when Dr. Roger Revelle from Scripps Institute of Oceanography produced substantial work showing the implications and increased CO2 in the atmosphere. As the 'Keeling Curve' went up, the denial machine grew larger and more manipulative, and still continues today.

Media – Fair & Balanced?

The denial machine, generally, refers to a systematic method of coercion regarding the understanding of an issue. The first large scale experience the public had with the denial machine was with the tobacco industry. The industry relied on public relations firms to help market the message. Involved in the marketing campaign for the smoking debate was a company called APCO Worldwide. In the end the truth came out, cigarettes and second hand smoke cause cancer.

It is interesting to note that there are many similarities in the methods used to fuel the denial machine regarding the global warming debate. Dr. Fred Singer was one of the scientists involved in delivering the message promoted by APCO Worldwide, that message generally being that tobacco was not as dangerous as government and health organizations were claiming.

Come along at 6 pm to get creative in the kitchen.

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